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Investment – Undertakings For The Collective Investment Of Transferable Securities

Modern investors remain steadfast with their research while aiming to find hidden gems.

It’s a hard task at the best of times, but there is one option which pops up again and again. It comes in the form of UCITS.

Here is more on why these funds are deemed as being intriguing investment options for investors.

Why is UCITS an Interesting Investment?

The UCITS funds were set up as a guideline for the European Commission. These funds would be produced and managed in Europe while being dispersed to investors on the open market. These funds wouldn’t be limited to European investors, but instead, would be made available to everyone across the planet.

The premise of doing this was to ensure a harmonious relationship could be maintained between European nations when it pertains to mutual funds.

The UCITS funds are set up to provide singular protection rights and are regulated in a streamlined fashion.

Benefits of UCITS

Here are some of the reasons UCITS continue to be useful investment options for investors.

1) Highly Regulated Funds

The primary reason investors are drawn towards these funds has to do with the regulations. These funds are governed far more than other investment vehicles. This ensures the laws are followed to a tee, and all service providers remain steadfast with their support.

This regulation is what ensures the funds stay in sync with the market.

2) Favorable Tax Treatment

Taxation experts illustrate these funds as being tax-friendly due to the regulatory treatment in the EU. With the taxation laws as they are, these UCITS funds can maximize one’s returns in comparison to some of the other investment options one might have.

3) Bi-Monthly Liquidity

The next benefit of UCITS comes in the form of liquidity. Many investment vehicles are not as liquid as one would want them to be. However, UCITS funds can be turned into cash/profit within two weeks as there is a bi-weekly requirement by law.

This provides investors with a “way out” if necessary.

4) Ideal for Small Investors

Small investors have reduced budgets and will not wish to take on unnecessary risk.

With UCITS funds, the small investor can even the playing field and get involved in creating a robust portfolio of their own. This can make all the difference for solidifying these funds and ensuring they remain steady at all times of the year. It also ensures small investors can join in.


Several UCITS funds are being offered on the market right now.

Over 75% of the investment market is featuring UCITS funds because they’re heavily regulated and remain under control. Investors desire security and these funds can offer it.

1) Diversified Equity Alpha Portfolio
2) Emerging Markets Growth Portfolio
3) European Value Portfolio
4) Real Asset Portfolio

These are the top-tier portfolios for investors looking to dive into the world of UCITS once and for all.

These are deemed as being high-grade, long-term options for those who are selective and wish for quality results moving forward. It’s a great starting point for those establishing their portfolio.


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