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Bitcoin Explained

invest in bitcoin

Investing In Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency created and held electronically. It was created in 2009 and became the first decentralized digital currency. Its creation is attributed to an unknown software developer or developers going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin operates on blockchain technology that acts as a public ledger that holds permanent records of all transactions.


invest in bitcoin

How to Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is used for making electronic purchases just like Dollars, Pounds, or Euros but only a handful of merchants accept payments in bitcoin. Accessing bitcoin is another potential hurdle since the process is not very consumer friendly. Traditionally, you had to go to a cryptocurrency exchange to buy bitcoin and transfer it to your bitcoin wallet but things are now changing. Today, new services such as bitcoin debit cards and ATMs are now available to ease the process.

Investing in Bitcoin

It can be a good idea to invest in bitcoin since it presents so many benefits. Bitcoin has been outperforming traditional stocks and is currently worth more than an ounce of gold at the time of this writing. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider investing in bitcoin:


Today, people have an unprecedented level of distrust in the current financial setup. In the wake of the 2008/2009 global recession, the resentment towards banking institutions by both private and public institutions is growing. People are thus warming up to the idea of using different mediums of exchange such as bitcoin.

Deflationary Model

The bitcoins that can ever be mined are limited, which means that the problems of inflation associated with traditional currencies don’t affect bitcoin. In theory, the price of a bitcoin would grow infinitely in a completely free market where each coin would potentially be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. However, this would involve a significant acceptance of the currency globally as well as other factors coming into play, but on paper the value of each coin should rise as trade continues to rise.

How Can You Invest in Bitcoin?

Buy and Hold

One of the easiest ways to invest in bitcoin is to buy some and wait for their value to rise. This approach has already made a sizeable number of people quite wealthy. The people that bought Bitcoin early on have enjoyed significant increases on their investments. Originally, Bitcoin sold for a few dollars and now it is worth about $3,000 at the time of this writing.

Mining Investment

Transactions on the blockchain are verified by a distributed network of powerful computers. If you contribute your computing power to this distributed network, some of the freshly minted coins will be apportioned to you as an incentive and reward for transaction processing. The network adjusts as more computing power is added to it which means that a constant number of bitcoins are generated relative to the increase in computing power. The process described here is known as mining and is one of the ways you can invest in bitcoin.

Investing in Companies

If you prefer the traditional approach to investment you can invest in one of the many emerging bitcoin startups. Bitcoin creates new approaches to online transactions and increases the efficiency of old models, which usually brings profit. If you invest in a company innovating in this industry, you will benefit from the technology without the need to speculate on the commodity (bitcoin).

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin is an excellent investment vehicle even for those that are risk averse. The important thing is to invest in only what you can afford to lose since it is highly volatile. You should also educate yourself about the risks, advantages, and disadvantages of using different bitcoin storage methods.


Investment – Undertakings For The Collective Investment Of Transferable Securities

Modern investors remain steadfast with their research while aiming to find hidden gems.

It’s a hard task at the best of times, but there is one option which pops up again and again. It comes in the form of UCITS.

Here is more on why these funds are deemed as being intriguing investment options for investors.

Why is UCITS an Interesting Investment?

The UCITS funds were set up as a guideline for the European Commission. These funds would be produced and managed in Europe while being dispersed to investors on the open market. These funds wouldn’t be limited to European investors, but instead, would be made available to everyone across the planet.

The premise of doing this was to ensure a harmonious relationship could be maintained between European nations when it pertains to mutual funds.

The UCITS funds are set up to provide singular protection rights and are regulated in a streamlined fashion.

Benefits of UCITS

Here are some of the reasons UCITS continue to be useful investment options for investors.

1) Highly Regulated Funds

The primary reason investors are drawn towards these funds has to do with the regulations. These funds are governed far more than other investment vehicles. This ensures the laws are followed to a tee, and all service providers remain steadfast with their support.

This regulation is what ensures the funds stay in sync with the market.

2) Favorable Tax Treatment

Taxation experts illustrate these funds as being tax-friendly due to the regulatory treatment in the EU. With the taxation laws as they are, these UCITS funds can maximize one’s returns in comparison to some of the other investment options one might have.

3) Bi-Monthly Liquidity

The next benefit of UCITS comes in the form of liquidity. Many investment vehicles are not as liquid as one would want them to be. However, UCITS funds can be turned into cash/profit within two weeks as there is a bi-weekly requirement by law.

This provides investors with a “way out” if necessary.

4) Ideal for Small Investors

Small investors have reduced budgets and will not wish to take on unnecessary risk.

With UCITS funds, the small investor can even the playing field and get involved in creating a robust portfolio of their own. This can make all the difference for solidifying these funds and ensuring they remain steady at all times of the year. It also ensures small investors can join in.


Several UCITS funds are being offered on the market right now.

Over 75% of the investment market is featuring UCITS funds because they’re heavily regulated and remain under control. Investors desire security and these funds can offer it.

1) Diversified Equity Alpha Portfolio
2) Emerging Markets Growth Portfolio
3) European Value Portfolio
4) Real Asset Portfolio

These are the top-tier portfolios for investors looking to dive into the world of UCITS once and for all.

These are deemed as being high-grade, long-term options for those who are selective and wish for quality results moving forward. It’s a great starting point for those establishing their portfolio.


Interested in European Markets – read more about 5 Reasons To Invest In European Stocks.

Why Facebook Inc (FB) Is A Great Long-Term Investment Stock

The stock market is a terribly confusing place, and deciding where to go can be a perilous experiment especially for a beginner investor. Nonetheless, within the labyrinth, a few stocks pop up that hold a solid chance of being a forever investment, and are reliable through good and bad times. Facebook Inc. (FB) is a top contender under this respect.

facebook stock

In fact, difficult not to paint the stock in good light. In 2016, its shares were up 14 percent, which is approximately double the S&P 500 index 7 percent return in the same year. Since initial IPO in 2012, the Facebook stock has risen 213 percent, tripling the 69 percent return of the S&P 500.

Today, Facebook still manages to report stellar growth almost every quarter, owing to its dominance in social media usage, and ad spending. Facebook can continue to maintain the phenomenal run, and even gain more momentum in the future; here is why.

Facebook – Constant Innovation

Many investors have been expecting what would seemingly be the eventual slowdown of the social media giant’s growth, but they were recently disappointed. In its third quarter, after putting video first, the company has reported a 59 percent improvement in ad sales revenue. This accounted for $6.8 billion out of the total $7 billion in revenue.

Brilliant Founder

With an innovative and brilliant founder Mark Zuckerberg, and his proven track record, investors can rest assured that Facebook is in good hands as he knows where he wants to get his company. Keep in mind that such brilliant founders have tended to work exceptionally well for shareholders. For instance, companies such as (AMZN), Alphabet (GOOGL, GOOG), Netflix (NFLX), and Tesla Motors (TSLA) have had brilliant and innovative founders and excellent results.

Mobile Mastery

In this quarter of 2016, over 85% of all its ad revenue was from mobile, which is an improvement from 78% in the year before. As more consumers transition over to mobile platforms from their personal computers, the FB stock is ideally positioned.

Powerful Edge

Facebook essentially has a great 1.8 billion monthly active users, and the number is still growing. Many users find Facebook very addictive. According to experts, internet users spend more time on social media platforms than on any other digital activities. As such, Facebook is a very important global business channel. Every new person who joins the network adds more to its value, making more people want to join. This is the network effect where a service becomes much more valuable when more people use it.

Monetization Potential

Facebook now owns Instagram its only rival, and Whatsapp Messenger. Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users, though it still doesn’t contribute much to the breakneck pace of growth of Facebook. However, the platform is now increasing the number of ads, and its contribution should see more growth.

Besides Instagram, company owns Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Messenger, two massive messaging platforms. However, Facebook still hasn’t realized the monetization potential of these two and is strategically placed to dominate in the future.

5 Reasons To Invest In European Stocks

European stocks have too often been overlooked recently as a great investment option, especially when looking for an option that offers the potential for high returns while still providing a degree of diversity for safety compared to being fully invested in American markets. Read on for five reasons to be bullish on European stocks right now.

european stocks market

#1: European Markets Are Doing Great

Everyone is paying attention to the long winning streak of American markets that has been going on for several years now, however European markets have bounced back, as well. In fact, many of the European markets in the last 4-5 months have even managed to outperform their American counterparts. The market is strengthening and now is a good time to get in on that strong growth.

#2: Sometimes Regulation Is a Good Thing

European markets are known for generally being more regulated than many markets in other nations. While this can sometimes be seen as a disadvantage because it limits breakout potential, post-2008, and post-Brexit, the idea of having corporations proven in a system that is tighter and less likely to be shaken by a major economic catastrophe.

That degree of safety or perceived safety of the companies putting out stock can be seen as an investment positive in today’s markets and is often seen as a plus since there’s a degree of built-in shock resistance.

#3: Weathered the Brexit Shockwaves

While all kinds of “Woe is the world” headlines have been in the papers and news about the effects of Brexit and the initial hits to the markets, many people have ignored the fact that the markets have done just fine since then. Whether looking at Germany, France, or Britain, three of the largest markets in Europe, all of them have increased by double digits in value since riding out the initial Brexit shockwaves.

In other words, even with a major shocking event such as Brexit, the European markets have already absorbed that shock and are doing just fine.



#4: A Weaker Euro Means Opportunity

The Euro remains relatively weak as a currency and this gives additional opportunity. Buying European stocks while the currency is relatively weak means you will gain value, possibly significant gains in profits and value when the Euro turns around and strengthens once again. This is one of those stock buying opportunities that won’t be around forever. A stronger Euro will be great for investors who already bought in and be a new wall for those who waited too long.

#5: European Stocks Earnings Are Looking Great

One of the things that held back European stocks a bit in recent times has been lower earnings reports. However, the bottom of that slump is clearly behind them, and the earnings and returns reports are beating predictions in addition to showing a strong bull market strength that doesn’t typically appear during a short term or false recovery. When looking at the new earnings numbers, it’s hard not to get excited at where the markets are going.

There’s no denying it. European stock markets are offering quite the opportunity to those who are wise enough to take advantage.